Berowra Family Medical Practice has a committed team of doctors and medical professionals who give personalised, compassionate health care.

Our services include:

All our doctors are passionate about giving you outstanding health care. They have a wealth of experience and knowledge across a broad range of medicine. Read more about our team here.

Support, counselling and contraceptive advice can be provided by all our doctors. Several of our doctors are able to administer IUDs and Implanon, the contraceptive implant. Female doctors are available throughout the week.

All child immunisations as part of the National Immunisation Program are bulk-billed. When you bring your child in for their vaccination, our Practice Nurse will provide assistance, including weighing and measuring your child’s progress. Read about the National Immunisation Program here.  Please remember to bring your child’s blue book when you come in for immunisations.

As an authorised Yellow Fever vaccination centre we are specialists in travel vaccines and current medical travel advice. Keep in mind that many travel medicines and vaccines must be taken months before your trip.

Provide point of care INR testing, wound care, diabetic care and foot checks, blood pressure monitoring, ECGs and Aged Health Care Assessments.

These aim to identify, prevent or lessen the effects of health issues specifically for Aged Care Health Assessments, diabetes checks and 45-49 year old health checks.

Our doctors regularly care for patients under worker’s compensation claims. We can provide ongoing care, liaising with your employer or their representative to enable your smooth return to work.

Pre-employment health checks and employee vaccinations can be done by any of our doctors.

If you suffer from chronic disease, ongoing comprehensive care is vital to maintain optimal health. Ask your doctor how they can help.

Can be provided by Dr Sally Tsin  for our expectant mums. Dr Tsin will work in partnership with your selected midwife or obstetrician.

Breast checks, menopause, menstrual problems, contraceptive advice, pap smears and preventative health are areas our doctors can help you with.

Cardiovascular risk assessment, prostate and sexual health, preventative health, skin checks, heart health and mental health.

Our doctors are experienced in providing skin checks for sun damage. They can also perform minor surgery if required.

Annual flu vaccinations are available.

Is a secure online summary of your health information, known as My Health Record. We can upload your medical history and information to your electronic health record to enable sharing of your health information between hospitals and medical professionals you nominate. Read more about My Health Record here. Please talk to our friendly reception staff to register.